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Our Mission

Our Mission


To make disciples of Jesus Christ of all nations, 

by carrying out the Great Commission commanded by our Lord, according to the Gospel of Matthew 28:19-20.

SOLW Easter Sunday Outreach

Our Vision

Sanctuary of Living Waters (SOLW) 

is a place of ministry to the whole man - body, soul and spirit. We reflect the image of our Saviour, and in the spirit of "new wineskin," the ministry of SOLW reaches beyond the four walls of a building and tradition and into the hearts of people who thirst for a new way of life. We are committed to discipling men, women, boys and girls until Christ be formed in them.

As we apply ourselves to learn 

and participate in our Kingdom citizenship by the application of the principles (rules) that govern the Kingdom of God, as taught by our Lord Jesus Christ and the Apostles, the teachings 

becomes the relevant force of 

our daily walk in victory. We, therefore, become restored to Kingdom dominion in the earth 

and provide an entrance for the 

will of God to be done in the 

earth as it is in Heaven.

"The C.E.O." 

The C.E.O. is the outreach arm of Sanctuary of Living Waters, providing community-based economic enrichment and empowerment training for any resident of the Broward County community, as well as our online community.

The C.E.O. will collaborate and partner with other agencies and organizations who align their teachings and services with the principles for successful living that are Biblically-sound and with a Kingdom emphasis.

We are determined to impact the seven major sectors of societyReligion, Government, Media, 

Education, Family,

Arts & Entertainment, 

& Economy/Business.


Our primary calling is for the reunification and empowerment of The Family!

For More Information, call:

(954) 733-1119